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Me and the mountain.

Hi and welcome to my website!


I'm a huge movie fan and for the past 35 years or so my favourite film has been Steven Spielbergs' 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind': a masterpiece of storytelling, entertainment, music, acting and visuals, coupled with astounding production design and wondrous direction.


It's been a lifelong dream of mine to visit Devils Tower in Wyoming, the uncredited 'best supporting actor' in the movie, and in 2017, the 40th Anniversary of the movie, and as a 50th Birthday present from my girlfriend, I finally hit the road/air and travelled west to Wyoming!


Along the way I encountered so much more than I ever imagined and met some awesome people who shared my vision and indulged me in my solo cross-state road trip.


I wanted to write a live blog but to be honest I was having such a good time and I got so busy I figured what the heck! I'll do it when I get back home - but right now?.

I'm living the dream!


So join me if you will on my retrospectively fantastic, almost sleepless, almost foodless but most assuredly badass trip of a lifetime as I head over to the US Midwest to live out my boyhood dream to watch 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', on my own, at night, at the very location it was filmed at 41 years ago: Devils Tower, Wyoming.


Along the way we're going to encounter Presidents!, snow!, nuclear weapons!, local heros!, needles!, shooting stars!, neutrinos!, gold!, cockshuckersh!, porcupines!, lasers!, Cowboys!, Indians!, Harleys!, ....I'm climbin' mountains, crossin' rivers, meetin' great folks and generally havin' the time my life, so sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride!



Wyoming 2017.


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